Flash Back:

Here is some back Future work for BTTF.com. 

The Hilly Valley Telegraph header for BTTF.com's newsletter, with a slight 2015 USA Today look to it. 

And a logo design for the 29th Anniversary.

Ain't I A Card 19: Indy-pendence

Indiana Jones and Sallah prepare for my cousins Birthday.

Drawn and colored with Sketchbook Pro.

Too Darn Loud!

Back with TEAM FOX and crew for MegaCon weekend! Accompanying the Delorean Time Machine, we had the H.G. Wells Time Machine, Dr. Who's Tardis, and Bill and Ted's Phone Booth.

I premiered my Marty McFly artwork with the rest of the "Future Prints" and Zyggie Piggie buttons for the Wyld Stallyns. Most Excellent!

Siggraph Character Workshop

I would like to extend a big thank you to Orlando Siggraph for hosting me and to all who attended the workshop!

Be sure to check out their site for future creative events.