Archive 08: Tubin' the Hootch!

A welcomed weekend getaway to Helen, GA. Grab your friends, a tube and a cooler and enjoy a scenic ride down the river!

To Raw for Renewal!

Back while animating on Stroker and Hoop, I did up this Anime version of our favorite "Detectvies". This eventually wound up on the [adult swim] website as a last attempt (joke) to relaunch the series.

Ain't I a Card 01: Snow in the South?

Ski Ace Sidney ready to hit the Southern Slopes! A card I sent home in the new year of 06'. Wishing I was in a winter wonderland rather than stuck in I-75 traffic (ITP).

Archive 06: Mysteries Inc.

Classical Animation Society's Halloween Bash for underprivileged children had a visit from Scoob and the Gang. A big thanks to everyone who made this a memorable night. Still one of the coolest Mystery Machines I've ever seen. Zoinks!